SWAP is an Oberlin-based cooperative for books. The idea is simple: you have books that you don't want or use anymore, so exchange them for new books. We are located in the basement of Tank. For our mission statement and more information, visit our about page.

Sorry for the late update! We will hold our general interest meeting at 1pm this Saturday, September the 21st. If you are interested in SWAP Management Team, or even just want to know what is Bookcoop, FEEL FREE to COME BY! Also, we will hold our opening time from 2pm - 4pm this Saturday, right after the general meeting. Feel Free to find some books, and chill around!

Also, we will move from Harkness to Tank this semester. But we will keep the room 109 in Harkness for your convenience if you want to get books from SWAP! If you have some big boxes that you want to disgard, we would really like to have them for moving books! If anyone who is interested in helping us moving books from Harkness to Tank, we will be grateful to you! Points are ready for you! Thank you so much!

  • If you need, you can email or contact us.
  • Fall 2019
    Saturday2pm - 4pm