We are SWAP: The Oberlin Book Co-op, an Oberlin College based cooperative which helps people get the books they need, for classes and for personal use, without the exchange of money. Members can donate books or their labor in exchange for credits which they can then use to get books from our collection.

Membership is open to anyone with either books to give or time to spare, and all members have equal say in making major decisions about the future of SWAP, while the member-elected Management Team is responsible for handling day-to-day affairs.

Come by and visit us during our hours in the basement of Tank Co-op (110 E. College St., Oberlin, Ohio) or send us an email at contact@bookcoop.org.

Mission Statement:

SWAP is a democratic, student-run organization founded on the belief that education is a human right. We aim to serve the students of Oberlin College and Conservatory, particularly those students facing economic challenges.

Recognizing that the cost of textbooks can be prohibitively expensive and that support from Oberlin College and Conservatory is often inadequate to meet students’ educational needs, SWAP aims to make ownership of textbooks more feasible.

To this end, SWAP facilitates a money-free book exchange between students. We do this by allowing students to earn books both through their labor and through the exchange of notes books. Finally, the organization strives to create an environment welcoming to all students and to be actively anti-oppressive in its service, management, and structure. We seek a cooperative environment and are continually in the process of growing and developing to best meet the needs of the students of Oberlin College and Conservatory.

Tank Hall